We currently have no paid vacancies.

ARTISTS – If you are an artist do keep in touch to hear about creative commissions as they arise.

VOLUNTEERS – Do let us know if you are interested in being a volunteer, We are always looking for helping hands to  create and deliver events, shows and art opportunities through Sedgemoor. Volunteers for our upcoming Front Garden Music Festival are needed

HOSTS / PARTNERS – If you have ideas for creative activities or if you wish to host something in your local venue do get in touch!


Seed commits to paying all of our employees and contractors including artists fair pay for their work. We will achieve this by paying the living wage or higher rates of pay.

We also commit to paying artists in line with the recommended rates of pay provided by their professional bodies including, but not limited to, Artists Union England, the Musicians Union, Equity and so on.

Seed does rely on the efforts of volunteers and community participants in order to deliver our programme and appreciates that the value of this work far exceeds our capacity to pay.  Volunteers and community participants’ labour and intellectual property is provided freely and in the knowledge that Seed acknowledges, appreciates and reports it’s value to our core funders. Seed commits to NOT utilising artificial intelligence to generate artworks or other material that a human being could be paid to create.