Moments on Mendip

Moments On Mendip The Outdoor Gallery

The outdoor exhibition ‘Meinhir’ was held at Cheddar Gorge on the evening of Sunday the 22nd October.

An estimated crowd of 2800 came to experience the outdoor gallery in the cheddar gorge. The community photos saw particular interest and we have since had lots of feedback on the community’s enjoyment, specifically due to there being a road closure people were easily able to enjoy the experience safely. The event has since led to a decision for a regular road closure for the gorge.

There are 12 Special Qualities that make the Mendip Hills an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the Moments on Mendip project is using photography to celebrate these features in a one-off outdoor gallery set to transform the rock faces of Cheddar Gorge.

Seed have commissioned the Mendip Hills AONB Service for their project which included community workshops and working lead artist Elizabeth Woodger.

The outdoor gallery unveiled a unique series of images by photographic artist Elizabeth Woodger, along with photos taken by the community, showcasing the special qualities that make the Mendip Hills an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).



Lead Artist Elizabeth Woodger

Scott O’Hara Director of Seed

Elizabeth Woodger

Elizabeth is a former geologist with a PhD in palaeoclimatology. Her photographic practice creates a way to explore the landscape and examine the interconnections between humans, environment and natural processes.

Elizabeth says ‘ My creative practice is a form of environmental and ecological research; I investigate how landscapes have been shaped and how they respond to human influence. My work combines studio-based construction with outdoor experimentation in order to create serendipitous and evocative imagery.

Much of my photography is characterised by tactile transformative processes, such as the folding, fragmentation and manipulation of physical prints. I also incorporate many natural elements – sunlight, trees, plants, rivers, rocks and waves – into my artworks’