Moments on Mendip

Creating a Photographic Impression of the Mendips Hills – Then and Now

There are 12 Special Qualities that make the Mendip Hills an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the Moments on Mendip project is using photography to celebrate these features in an innovative way.

The Moments on Mendip project is also inviting people to submit their own photographs of the AONB’s special qualities, some of which will be selected for a special outdoor event at Cheddar Gorge in October 2023.

Share your moments on mendip

We invite you to share your photographs capturing the unique characteristics of the region, which may be featured in an online gallery. These images can either be historic photographs depicting Mendip in bygone eras or contemporary ones. The more distinctive and captivating your submissions, the more they’ll stand out!

Elizabeth Woodger

Elizabeth Woodger

Elizabeth is a former geologist with a PhD in palaeoclimatology. Her photographic practice creates a way to explore the landscape and examine the interconnections between humans, environment and natural processes.

Elizabeth says ‘ My creative practice is a form of environmental and ecological research; I investigate how landscapes have been shaped and how they respond to human influence. My work combines studio-based construction with outdoor experimentation in order to create serendipitous and evocative imagery.

Much of my photography is characterised by tactile transformative processes, such as the folding, fragmentation and manipulation of physical prints. I also incorporate many natural elements – sunlight, trees, plants, rivers, rocks and waves – into my artworks’