Print Folk Jams

Building on the success of their recent project Folk Banners,

InkJam are bringing their energy and focus to the youth of the Cheddar community. This demographic is often overlooked and we are providing exciting, creative and enterprising opportunities that will bring them together.

Young people will be printing T shirts and sweatshirts with contemporary linocut graphic blocks from our mobile print studio. Some motifs will draw inspiration from Cheddar Folk history, and participants will be encouraged to develop these into patterns and exciting compositions for their T shirts. We will be inviting them to further their skills at collaborative print workshops at our permanent studio in Cheddar.

upcoming dates

The popup studio will be appearing:

  • Saturday 13th April 1-3 pm, Cheddar sk8 park
  • Sunday 14th April 1-3 pm, Hannah More Park
  • Saturday 11th May 1-3pm, Cheddar SK8 park
  • Sunday 12th May 1-3pm Hannah More park.