The Nornen Project

Have you seen the shipwreck of the Nornen at Berrow? Do you know the stories?

The Nornen Project, run by local producer Corrinne Curtis, brought the story of the Nornen shipwreck to life with a series of events and the creation of a brand-new theatrical production, all to celebrate the 125th anniversary of this local landmark in 2022.

The first phase of the project saw professional theatre makers working with the local community to devise the show from scratch. These locally generated ideas are now being worked into a full script, ready for full production.

Activities for the project included several Making Theatre workshops and talks by local historian John Strickland. Members of the community worked with professional actors and theatre makers to weave their thoughts and ideas together to tell the tale of this extraordinary event at Berrow.

Check out some photos of the events below.

The Nornen Project continues to develop.
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