Support us


Seed is a Charity. We are funded through grants and the support of generous individuals. We need support to bring events and activities to life across Sedgemoor. Our aim is ensure everyone has access to the arts so most of our activities are offered free or at minimal cost. So every donation makes a big difference.


Sowers and Growers are what we call Seed’s volunteers.  These are wonderful members of the community just like you who have put up their hand to help. They tell us what activities their community needs, help us to choose which ideas and activities to commission, connect and network with members of their local community, and help on the ground with events and activities.

Partner with Seed

Local businesses and organisations are members of our community and many have values that align with our events, activities and ambitions to make creativity part of everyday life in Sedgemoor. Can you work with us to help that happen? or support or sponsor an activity?