Hidden Station

Hidden Station

Seed Sedgemoor and Severnside Community Rail Partnership have commissioned Bristol-based creative team Zubr Curio to create an exciting new Augmented Reality experience at Bridgwater Station in Somerset.

Zubr Curio are a renowned augmented and virtual reality studio who bring artworks to life using accessible technology. They will work with artists Jayde Perkin and David McMillan two contemporary illustrators who create bright and bold character-based artworks .  Jayde and David invite Bridgwater Railway Station users to help them create characters that reveal hidden stories about Bridgwater in an imaginative and playful 3D way.

Two workshops will take place in March in which Bridgwater residents can share their personal connection to the station: fond family memories, new encounters, or recollections of friends who’ve worked in Bridgwater in generations gone by. These anecdotes will inspire the creation of  vivid visual narratives to be displayed throughout the Railway Station, featuring distinctive 2D characters magically brought to life with interactive augmented reality (AR) filters for social media. Passengers will experience and interact with this through their phones and other handheld devices.

The aim is to enable visitors to Bridgwater’s busy local station to take part in a safe, enjoyable creative experience as part of their journey. The team will create a very accessible Augmented Reality environment, so if you don’t normally do art or have little prior experience of AR you can still join in the fun. The finished work will be co-created from the ideas station users bring to the workshops in March and April, and they will then see them come to life at the Station in June.

Share your Story Now

What’s your story about Bridgwater Station? Do you have an anaedote to share? A funny or interesting thing that happened or a connection with the Station?  Tell us now and it come be worked into the new art experience at Bridgwater Station.

Workshops Drop In

Bridgwater Library
Sat 25 March 11.30-2pm
Tue 28 March 12-5pm

Drop in and and meet artists David and Jayde – they are keen to hear your stories about Bridgwater Station!

Jayde Perkin

Artist and Illustrator

Jayde Perkin is a freelance illustrator and artist, based in Bristol. Jayde creates hand painted illustrations for a wide range of clients, Her work covers a range of topics and formats, but Jayde is probably most known for her critically acclaimed self-published comics. Jayde’s illustration work is also very much part of the fabric of the city in Bristol, you can see her “Support Local” posters in the independent shops and businesses all across the city. She has also published a children’s picture book ‘Mum’s Jumper’ has now been published in many countries, and translated into over 15 different languages.

Jayde lectures part time on the UWE illustration course, and a Creative Writing course at Bath Spa university, on the Graphic Narratives Module. She also travels to various universities giving talks, and facilitating workshops.


Jayde Perkin

Artist and Illustrator

Zubr Curio

AR Specialists

Hidden Station Partners

The Hidden Station is a collaboration between Seed Sedgemoor and Severnside Community Rail Partnership, kindly supported by Community Rail Network and the Department for Transport’s Community Rail Development Fund.