Sketchbooks unlocked

Seed Lockdown - Sketchbooks Unlocked

Sketchbooks Unlocked are inviting you to unlock your creative potential and create journals, sketchbooks, memoirs, creative projects, story boards, comics, collections, studies…anything you like!
This is your creative expression, this is your book, what do you want it to be?
Stop worrying about whether you’re an artist, or have an art education. It doesn’t matter! You make the rules, this is about creative expression, not perfection. Leave your judgement behind, we’re our own worst critics, just free your creativity.
Make mistakes, experiment, discover, learn and grow through your sketchbook. Don’t be worried that others will see your sketchbook. See it as an opportunity for your creative voice to be heard. Your mistakes shouldn’t be erased, they should be left for others to learn from. Your mistake might be someone else’s eureka moment so don’t try to cover them up!
You can order your sketchbook here 
Participants will receive a high quality A5 sketchbook and within its kraft covers you’ll find 40 fresh pages of cartridge paper ready to accept your ideas and creativity! We’ll also send out full instructions as well as some suggested prompts if you’d like help finding a starting point. And of course, we also have our amazing Facebook community to help with ideas and inspiration.
All proceeds will go back into The Arts Quarter to ensure that we can continue supporting artists for a long time to come!
Creative Lives Under Lockdown
You can view the Sketchbooks Unlocked project Risk Assessment here