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Joyful Noises documented the Thursday night Clap for Carers to create a vivid window into the 2020 Covid lockdown. Hannah Earl and Tim Hill collected recordings, images and comments from people in Sedgemoor and around the country to paint a picture of this key part of the first Covid lockdown, both as a new national ritual and a focus of controversy and debate. Out of this material they have created two audio documentaries, a short film and written piece that explore the Thursday ritual and created an archive of recordings.

Joyful Noises: an audio capsule, 5 minutes

The Thursday Noise: an Audio Documentary, 20 minutes

Joyful Noises: teaser trailer

Here are is a selection of audio clips of the Thursday clap and a short film gathered from around the country:

Maxwell Street, Taunton, 2 April 2020


The Ulverston and Dalston recordings are by John Hall

The Cheltenham recordings are by Chris Cundy

The Oxford recordings are by Bruno Guastalla

The Taunton video is by Martin Ledger


Tim Hill has more archives recordings of the Thursday Clap and would like to gather more. Contact Tim at if you are interested.

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