Hidden Station – Your Stories

We’re delighted to announce that Seed Sedgemoor and Severnside Community Rail Partnership have commissioned Bristol-based creative team Zubr Curio to create an exciting new Augmented Reality experience at Bridgwater Station in Somerset. Artists David and Jayde are keen to hear your stories about Bridgwater Station which will be illustrated and brought to life using hand held phone technology.

Two drop in sessions will take place in March on 25 and 28 at Bridgwater Library in which Bridgwater residents can share their personal connection to the station: fond family memories, new encounters, or recollections of friends who’ve worked in Bridgwater in generations gone by. These anecdotes will inspire the creation of  vivid visual narratives to be displayed throughout the Railway Station, featuring distinctive 2D characters magically brought to life with interactive augmented reality (AR) filters for social media. Passengers will experience and interact with this through their phones and other handheld devices.

The team have been interviewed by BBC Radio Somerset and by Planet Hits Radio who were keen to find out about the project, learn what makes for a good Augmented Reality Project and how people in Bridgwater can get involved (See Below)

Look out for workshops taking place in the Town Hall, Bridgwater Library and the Bridgwater Hub later this month.

BBC Radio Somerset Interview

Jenna Miles standing in for Simon Parkin on BBC Radio Somerset interviewed Scott O’Hara, Seed, Simone Einfalt from Zubr and the artists David McMillan and Jayde Perkin on 28 February. They talked about the exciting new project hidden station, how the project came about, what makes for a successful AR project, and one of the stories sent in by a local resident about the part Bridgwater Station played in shaping their family life.

Planet Radio Interview

Andrew Kay from Planet Radio visited Bridgwater Station to talk with Scott O’Hara, Seed and Simone Einfalt, Zubr Curio about the new project Hidden Station  how local residents can participate by sharing their stories about Bridgwater Station.