Folk Banners are Flying in Cheddar

Do you remember the bed races of the 1980’s?

How about the 6ft sharks, pirhanas, and the seal living at the Marineland Aquarium next to The Bays pond?

Maybe you have heard the ghost horses on the Lippiatt?

All of these memories, stories and experiences of life in Cheddar have been collected, illustrated and shared in a series of folk banners made by the artists at Inkjam and members of the local community.

Vanessa and Liz have worked with Cheddar residents and community groups to recall the stories.  School children created  illustrations.  In a series of workshops people learned the skills of lino carving to print them.  Inkjam have stitched them into a series of banners now flying on the streets of Cheddar.

Hear more from the Artists below …..

Vanessa and Liz at Inkjam

“It has been a wonderfully collaborative project, with different sectors of the local community having their parts in it. Storytelling from many older residents, who remember local events with their personal memories of them, to children hearing and illustrating these stories. A community of all ages and groups came together for ten carving and printing events which were so popular and brilliant fun. More residents helped to sew and hand stitch the banners.

They are now all hanging in different locations for everyone to enjoy and appreciate this truly inclusive and fun installation. They are bright, colourful and joyful banners, a testament to the amazing stories of the village and its characters, past and present. Thank you so much to all the many wonderful people who have been involved, we have loved every minute!”

Cheddar Folk Banners

Our Folk Banners are now up around Cheddar Village and Gorge until Tuesday 2 May. They have a QR Code placed next to each banner linking to the stories they illustrate. There will be an exhibition of all the banners, the linocuts, the children’s illustrations, the stories we have had the pleasure of hearing, and supporting memorabilia all at the Arts Quarter from 16 May- 11 June.