Desire Lines

This project is a chance to engage in a number of conversations and creative activities and workshops facilitated by artist Andrew Henon. To meet him and explore a number of walks and sites of interest within the Villages of Nether Stowey, The Quantock Hills, Landscapes west of Bridgewater, Bristol Channel, Steart Point and Parrett Estuary. The project uses art forms of poetry and film, visual arts, written and spoken word. You will be enabled and facilitated to explore the past, dreams for the future, document your own stories, capture responses in the moment and record your lived experiences.

Read the Desire Lines blog here to find out what they have been up to:

“The term ‘Desire Lines’ is a used in urban planning, it the term given to the chosen paths taken by people that have not been designed into a given development. For example classic ‘desire lines’ occur when open grass is surrounded by a pavement yet people chose to take short cuts across the grass”

During ‘Lockdown’ there were imposed a number of science informed designed restrictions. These were intended to reduce transmission of the COVID19 virus. Now as these restrictions begin to be eased and a planned staged reduction begins, a so called ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’ described by the government provides a formal structure for us to use. What may be the equivalence of peoples ‘Desire lines’ as our sense of what freedom means is challenged and our perceptions are changed as our situations change.

“A ‘Dérive’ is an unplanned journey through a landscape, usually in which participants drop their everyday relations and “let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there”

This project offers the opportunity to re-engage with a walk and exploration of ideas and creative processes in Landscapes and sites in Sedgemoor. An opportunity to look into the past through the work of Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge make new connections through the present and look forward to a future reinterpreted and re-imagined.

The Coleridge poems Rime of the Ancient Mariner is described as “The 1798 Poem That Was Made for 2020” a way into exploring the unknown that COVID19 has presented us with”  James Parker and ‘Lime tree bower my prison’ are ideal starting points to begin the journey of ‘desire lines’

A discussion group will be enabled and facilitated to explore further opportunities and possible directions the project could take.

If you are interested in the ‘desire lines’ project you can contact Andrew direct on or telephone the Monday Studio on 01749670357. There are a number of ways you can connect with the project for more information or register an interest Andrew will be delighted to hear from you.

Andrew Henon
Andrew Henon

Andrew is known as a ‘socially engaged artist’ with a professional career spanning 43 years. Qualified with MA Fine Art by research practice, an HND and ADMP in site and need based specific Spatial Design. His work funded by Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery, Big Lottery, Regional Arts Lottery Programme, Reaching Communities Fund, European Social Fund, Quartet, and Network for Social Change, Changemakers, B&NES Carers Centre, John Allbar Trust, Arts Dyslexia Trust, National Regional and Local Government, City County Town, and Parish Councils. Andrew has designed, delivered and evaluated many projects working with people most disenfranchised in society, at risk, vulnerable, young people and families, people with mental health and wellbeing challenges, drugs and alcohol dependency, poverty, social isolation and abuse, with issues of deprivation and multiple challenges in their lives. His work moves through different mediums and media using underlying creative methodologies as a means of engagement in processes of change for him self and others. Over his career he has performed a key role in setting up influential artist and poet led groups in the south west including Dorset and Somerset Art Weeks, Artworks Festival, Tears in The Fence and Wessex Poetry Festivals, Sherborne Contemporary Arts, SMART and Old Bakery Artist groups. He has a long standing project, exhibition and performance profile, many group exhibitions and one person shows including among others, Museum of Modern Art Wales, Christies, The Mall Galleries London, Mauger Modern Art Gallery and Edge Gallery Bath University and Arts University Bournemouth. He is a published poet in his own right and his work is available online and in published form.

“I like to think I have chosen a creative life, I realise now a creative life actually chose me” Andrew Henon