Joy of Tiny Things

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The Joy of Tiny Things (an Art First project) is about fun and celebration. Using the written word we will explore the tiniest details and throw a lens across all that makes us proud and joyful in our homes and on our buses. Everyone will have found that some aspect of 2020 was not as expected. Did you have to work from home, were you shopping for a neighbour, have you become an expert on Zoom? The Joy of Tiny Things will give an opportunity to celebrate some of the tiny and beautiful details of the lives we live, and explore what the future might hold.

Through this travelling project we can expect to unearth creativity from the many passengers and staff who use or work for Buses of Somerset and to help document the start of 2021.

You might see me on the buses or chatting and writing at bus-stops around Sedgemoor meeting the passengers, staff and working with community groups.  Together we will gather ideas and nurture them to create poems and creative writing.  For those still shielding, and therefore not using the buses to travel, you might like to meet over a Zoom call and we can write in a virtual space.Writing can be a very personal pursuit, but unlike other art-forms it can remain private until you the author, the artist, choose to share with an audience.  For those who choose to, there will be opportunity to display these glorious words on the Buses of Somerset, so that we can all share in The Joy of Tiny Things. 

What might be created
  •  Looking at the tiniest details in life: developing powers of observation, examining the bus inside and out or writing about a small and beautiful thing.
  • Drawing the route with eyes closed: turning scribbles into descriptive writing about how the route looks and where it might take us.

  • Ideas of treasure: what do these passengers consider to be treasure? Where might we find it? Can we describe the joy of finding that treasure?  Which bus route offers the quickest route to said treasure?