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The Sound of the Streets For Seed Sedgemoor

The Sound of the Streets brings streets and public spaces to life with joyful noise, creating free outdoor events for everyone to enjoy. Seed Sedgemoor has commissioned then to create three outdoor music events in the area. Central to ‘Sound of the Streets are ideas of participation and communal celebration, of giving people opportunities to enjoy live music, to dance, make music themselves and sing. After the restrictions and limitations of the Covid lockdowns we need all times need to come together safely and, let our hair down and enjoy ourselves. The events take place in Axbridge, Woolavington and Bridgwater.

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Musical wonders

Street bands are one of the musical wonders of the world, making vibrant music from the Balkans to New Orleans and from Durham to Delhi, music that is accessible and life affirming. There will also be an opportunity for local bands to play. Contact

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Mini festivals features

The festival is being organised by locally based veteran street musician Tim Hill and The Sound of the Streets a non-profit organisation promoting street bands and stret music in education. The mini festivals feature Tim’s band Tongues of Fire, in Woolavington singer Yvette Staelens and in Axbridge the samba band Jamma de Samba.

Tongues of Fire blow up a musical storm of brass, reeds and percussion, drawing on traditions of funky marching bands, village, chapel and circus bands. Their joyful noise is rooted in band leader Tim hill’s explorations of celebratory sound and the social role of outdoor music. The band played Burhams ‘Come Together’ event last year and have played at festivals and shows all over the UK. The band features top jazz brass musicians Stuart Henderson and Robert Jarvis, drummer Ollie Tunmor who was in Stomp, local legends Joe Porter and sousaphone player Tom Francombe with young jazz drummer Jo Meikle.

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