Sedgemoor Online Guitar and Bass Group

Do you play Guitar or Bass? Do you own one but never really learnt? Do you know someone who could lend you one so you could try it out?u Are you an experienced player who wants to connect with others? Our new free Guitar and Bass group caters to all levels and interest.  Our first three meetings are planned for 17 Aug, 15 Sept,* 19 Oct at Bridgwater Arts Centre. *note the Sept date is a Thursday due to a room clash

There will be online sessions available on Zoom for those who want to do them as well, or instead of attending in person 24 Aug, 21 Sept, 26 Oct Online

This group grew out of Clashmob  – On Saturday 5 February 2022, 30 local musicians from around Sedgemoor gathered round Blake statue at the Cornhill in Bridgwater for a one-off performance of ‘should I stay or should I go’ as part of International Clash day. Clashmob returns In Feb 2023!

To join the group email John the Guitar and Bass Group facilitator or join the facebook group: