Moments of Stillness

In June 2020, Highbridge-based artists Leila Browning and Nadja McDevitt invited members of the community to film and share those precious moments of stillness found in their local surroundings during the Covid-19 summer. Their artistic project Moments of Stillness is one of the five projects for the Creative Arts Under Lockdown programme commissioned by Seed. Members of the community were encouraged to film a short video lasting up to one minute of their surroundings when out on their daily exercise, in their gardens or on the way to the shops, encouraging people to take a moment out of their day to stop, notice and be mindful. The community enthusiastically took out their phones and 90 videos were submitted in total. Nadja McDevitt compiled all the video submissions into three different length films – 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 38 minutes. Each film has an original soundtrack created by sound designer Daniel Birch. Once compiled, Seed and the artists worked with Sightlines, an audio description organisation to create audio descripted versions of these beautiful films. You can watch the films on on our YouTube channel.

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