Highbridge commissions

Highbridge commissions

Through a multi-stage community consultation process with people living and working in Highbridge, Seed identified a great appetite locally for arts and other creative activities but the main barrier to participation is access. As a result, we commissioned activities to happen in Highbridge to directly address that issue of access.

Through our consultation process Seed identified the following priorities for Highbridge:

Opportunities for people to come together as a community

Opportunities to actively participate in creative activities than to be a passive audience member at events

Engagement in creativity where people are, whether in their homes, local neighbourhoods or in the wild spaces and natural environment around the town.

Family and youth-oriented activities, particularly in the performing arts

Local activities offered in the evening.

Ideas and activities to ‘make Highbridge Instagram-able’.

The opportunity:

We asked for expressions of interest from suitably experienced artists (or teams of artists) to develop, facilitate and deliver artistic activities that would:

Specifically address one or more of the areas of need and/or interest identified in our consultation process, as listed above;

Provide opportunities for people in Highbridge to participate actively in creative activities, skills development, and/or co-creation processes;

and Have some kind of wider benefit or outcome for the community.

To find out full details about the commission the Expression of Interest document can be found here.