Desire Lines

This project offered an opportunity for residents of Sedgemoor to engage in a number of conversations and creative activities and workshops facilitated by artist Andrew Henon.

Participants met and explored a number of walks and sites of interest within the Villages of Nether Stowey, The Quantock Hills, landscapes west of Bridgewater and Parrett Estuary. The project used art forms of poetry and film, visual arts, written and spoken word. Read the Desire Lines blog here to find out what they have been up to: The term ‘Desire Lines’ is a used in urban planning, it the term given to the chosen paths taken by people that have not been designed into a given development. For example classic ‘desire lines’ occur when open grass is surrounded by a pavement yet people chose to take short cuts across the grass. After the trials of several lockdowns, participants could re-engage with a walk and exploration of ideas and creative processes in landscapes and sites in Sedgemoor. An opportunity to look into the past through the work of Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, make new connections through the present and look forward to a future reinterpreted and re-imagined. For more information on this project, contact leader Andrew Henon by emailing or phone the Monday Studio on 01749670357.

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