Clay Club

A weekly clay club for beginners

A basic introduction to working and making with clay, decorating and achieving results. Working in small groups and with simple techniques and methods. Aimed at those with no previous experience.

Working together in small groups this group is ideal for anyone looking for a safe and relaxing way to socialise. 

The groups meet in Axbridge and Badgworth on Tuesdays.

The group will explore a topic for 4 weeks, then pause before their introduction to another different technique. 

Clay Club Dates

Axbridge Town Hall 10am-12noon
Badgworth School Room 2-4pm

10th January – 31st January (4 weeks inclusive)
7th February – 7th March (7th, 14, 21 Feb and 7 Mar)
21st March -18th April (3 weeks, a rest, then the 18th April)
9th May – 30th May (4 weeks inclusive)
June 13th – 4th July (4 weeks inclusive)
18th July – 8th August (4 weeks inclusive)

Meet the Artist

Tina Salvidge is a multi-disciplinary Somerset based artist, who works within the community on socially engaged projects, collaborating, sharing skills and curating exhibitions.

After a working life Tina retrained and graduated from UWE with a First Class Degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture in 2020. She creates mixed media work alongside film and audio work, and has recently begun to work with clay as an artistic medium concurrent with her digital practice.

She is inspired by the extraordinary within the ordinary that is found in both rural and urban environments. Curiosity is at the heart of her work which emerges from diverse materials and building community relationships.