Cheddar Folk Banners Exhibition

Folk Stories of Cheddar Illustrated, Carved, Printed and now Displayed

Inkjam have been working with hundreds of people in Cheddar to share folk stories and tales about the place, illustrate them, carve them into lino and print banners were on show on the streets of Cheddar 21 April – 2nd May during Cheddar Arts Fringe.

The written stories, memorabilia, original childrens illustrations and the banners are coming  together in an exhibition at the Cheddar Arts Quarter from 16 May.

Illustrated Stories

From giant pigs to ghostly helpers, aquariums and otters, to local witches. Stories collected at coffee morning sharing sessions were illustrated by the children in Cheddar, brought together by artists Inkjam to create beautiful folk banners telling the history and culture of the place. Find out more…

Meet the Artists

Artists Liz Bath and Ness Robinson collaborate on community arts projects and workshops as InkJam. Ink Jam has been commissioned by Seed to create the ‘Cheddar Folk Banners’ project with the community of Cheddar.