Axbridge Heritage Trail

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Axbridge Heritage Trail Launch

Seed commissioned the Launch of the Axbridge Heritage Trail in 12 June 2022.

The trail includes blue plaques on forty old and interesting buildings in Axbridge. If you scan the QR codes in windows with your smart camera phone or devise you’ll find out about the history of the properties and the people who lived in them. For example…..

Do you know where the Tozer family lived?
The Vicar who went on to write ghost stories?
Just a few of the interesting things on the trail.

Artwork for the project included notice boards, Heritage Trail leaflets, and a launch event by the mayor at an event outside the museum. You can also find the map online.

A local historian from the Axbridge Museum

The project has been developed by a subgroup of the Axbridge Action Group to showcase the beautiful medieval town of Axbridge.

The Heritage Trail will feature approximately 40 historic buildings and places of interest.  A website has been created with QR codes at various points of interest.  By accessing a QR code through your phone or iPad you will be directed to the website where you can read the history of a building or area, see photos from the past and some short videos.
A local historian from the Axbridge Museum has worked with the Axbridge Action Group to identify and research the history of the properties; which will give people a chance to learn more about their properties and the town they live in, as well as being able to learn how to research the past.

The childrens trail was developed last year and has been successful for children and their parents to learn and visit the town.  A Geocache trail is now being developed and will be launched shortly.

You can find out more here:

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