Art First 2021

Spring 2021

During the Spring, we offered the opportunity for local artists to send in an expression of interest to be a part of Art First, our collaborative creative project with members of the community and Buses of Somerset.

The opportunity:

We sought expressions of interest from suitably experienced artists (or teams of artists) to develop, facilitate and deliver artistic outcomes on up to three parallel projects. These projects were to:

  • Enable passengers and staff of First Bus and other residents and workers in Sedgemoor to engage in facilitated visual and/or word-based creative activities;
  • Co-create images, poems etc that could be incorporated into artworks that will be exhibited on First Bus buses within existing advertising infrastructure;
  • Be made into final installable artworks (fitting bus-specific standard wrap and headliner templates normally provided to advertisers by First Bus) through collaboration with our designer Lumby Futrille.


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