Spreading the Word gallery

Artists Jem and Sharon worked with multiple media forms in their project Spreading the Word. Their final cove cards were created using bth images and poems submitted by members of the community. Below you can see how these cove cards were assembled:

Below is a selection of some of the participant submissions for Spreading the Word:


The willow tree cascading gently, against the purple hue of the new world…

Her tears chastised by the hazy smog of Art First’s battle chug back to freedom.

Written by Hazel Lloyd


They are creeping in the before-dawn darkness, silently carrying all their birdwatching equipment, some stumbling slightly.  Then their boots are thumping on the ramp up to the hide.  They settle themselves inside as the sky starts to streak with red. Will the sun never appear?  But suddenly the day has begun.  Then time stretches again as they peer into the reeds, searching for the elusive bittern.  Then a gasp, a pointing finger, ‘There it is!’  It melts into the reeds again and once more the day stretches over the water.

Written by Diana Hill