GlowHome: Christmas Lanterns


Monday 2 November 2020: GlowHome is a lantern-making project brought to you by Seed and Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council.

Christmas is the time of year we like to come together to celebrate, with the Christmas light switch-on being a great way to kick-start the festive celebrations. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and government guidelines, we are unable to get out and about and celebrate in the usual way, so this year Burnham-on-Sea & Highbridge Town Council is running a virtual Christmas Lights switch-on at 7pm on Saturday 21 November.

Everyone in the community is invited to participate in the event with a GlowHome Lantern Pack from Seed. Local residents can create a lantern to celebrate and share using our free pack, put together by Create You. GlowHome Lantern Packs can be collected now from the following places in Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge:

  • Create You, Market Street, Highbridge

  • Crafty Comforts, 57 High Street, Burnham-on-Sea

  • Julians, 13 High Street, Burnham-on-Sea

  • Material Needs, 79 High Street, Burnham-on-Sea

  • The Toy Cupboard, 1 Pier Street, Burnham-on-Sea

  • Whites Farm Shop, 25 High Street, Burnham-on-Sea

Due to the new national lockdown you will need to collect your free lantern-making pack from the businesses listed above before they close at the end of the day on Wednesday 4 November. Only Whites Farm Shop will continue to distribute the packs throughout November.

Once the lanterns are made, everyone in Highbridge and Burnham-on-Sea is invited to photograph or, ideally, film their illuminated creations and share them in the GlowHome: Christmas Lanterns Facebook Page by Sunday 15 November. This footage will then be included in the Council’s Christmas Lights switch-on on-line event the following weekend. Five randomly selected videos that feature in the online event will also be prize winners, with £20 vouchers from Create You on offer.

Read the full media release here.


Seed commissions artists to create activities for local people

Wednesday 27 May: Seed, the Arts Council England funded Creative People and Places project for Sedgemoor, has commissioned five local artists and groups to deliver creative activities that will engage, support and creatively connect people in Sedgemoor during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Seed Director Scott O’Hara said “The lockdown has reduced opportunities for communities to connect with each other and for local artists to make a living. We are thrilled to be able to launch our Creative Lives Under Lockdown initiative and fill some of those needs. Anyone living or working in the Sedgemoor area is invited to look at the activities on offer via our website and join in.”

The five activities are:

Let’s Dance Sedgemoor led by Sally Mann and Fuse Outdoor Arts. Come and learn a dance online, contribute your own dances and share videos. We will then repeat the dance after lockdown at events and locations around in Sedgemoor such as Bridgwater’s Quayside Festival, at the Seaside in Burnham on Sea and elsewhere.

Joyful Noises will see artists Tim Hill and Hannah Earl explore expressions of sound and community coming from the Thursday night Clap for Carers. Share your experience of making a joyful noise and help us create new celebratory traditions for the Covid and post-Covid world.

Arts Quarter Cheddar will build on their very successful Arts Lockdown Challenge activity. We will provide sketchbooks for you to complete and then they will be displayed in Cheddar post-lockdown.

Moments of Stillness is a collaborative video project led by Nadja Mcdevitt and Leila Browning, and involving Create You in Highbridge. When outdoors, shoot up to a minute of footage on your phone to contribute to a film capturing the quiet and tranquillity of life under lockdown in Sedgemoor.

Bev G Star will lead creative online tutorials, using creative packs assembled and delivered to your home. With a new activity each week, you will learn to make your own dreamcatcher, nature print, mandala, floral wreath and more.

Consortium chairperson Claire Tough from Homes in Sedgemoor also invited people to provide feedback on the other types of activities Seed could make available. “Seed is here to respond to the needs and interests of the community, so we would love to hear from anyone in Sedgemoor about what we could offer through the Creative People and Places programme.”  

Anyone living or working in Sedgemoor is invited to join the conversation at http://www.seedsedgemoor.comwhere you can complete an online survey which is also available at


What are you up to this Thursday evening? Will you be out on your doorstep making some noise and applauding our carers and key workers? What do your neighbours do? If you are in the NHS or a key worker how does the Thursday ‘Clap for Carers’ make you feel?

 These are some of the questions asked by Hannah Earl and Tim Hill of the Joyful Noises project. The Thursday night noise is a great opportunity for people to connect, express thanks to those who have been keeping the country going and making a lovely noise in the street. Joyful Noises is documenting this key part of our ‘Lock Down’, finding out what people get up to on Thursday evening and what they think about it.

Tim says

‘We are living through extra -ordinary times, a time that has brought out the best in people. The Thursday ‘Clap for Carers’ is a key part of these times and is a window onto how we have been living and dealing with the crisis. We want to make a ‘time capsule’ of this event and find out what people have been doing.’

Tim and Hannah are looking for films, photos, comments and more. If you would like to get involved , you can contact them at, or find them on Facebook and Instagram.


Seed commissions artists to create activities for local people

Thursday 7 April: Seed, the Arts Council England funded Creative People and Places project for Sedgemoor, has commissioned seven local artists and groups to develop creative activities that will engage, support and creatively connect people in Sedgemoor during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Seed Director Scott O’Hara said “We were thrilled to receive 18 expressions of interest and chose seven projects to undertake a research and development phase. There are projects that will take place across Sedgemoor, with teams and participant communities in Cheddar, Bridgwater, Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge and elsewhere. These artists will work on their ideas and the best proposals will be funded for delivery later in the month.”

The full list of projects undertaking a research and development commission are:

  • Sally Mann with ‘Lets Dance Sedgemoor’ an online dance participation 
  • Tim Hill & Hannah Earl  ‘Joyful Noises’ Building on ‘clap for carers’ 
  • Arts Quarter Cheddar  ‘Lockdown Challenge’  Creating and exhibiting artworks
  • Nadja McDevitt & Leila Browning  ‘One Minute of Stillness’ Exploring short film
  • Bev G Star ‘Creative Packs & Workshops’  Online tutorials & delivered packs

Consortium chairperson Claire Tough from Homes in Sedgemoor explains the reasons for the programme. “Social isolation and lack of community connection are significant issues for some in the Sedgemoor district at the best of times. With the community being locked in for the duration, this is being exacerbated. These wonderful creative arts projects will enable people to make new connections in the community and stimulate their creativity during lockdown.”

The campaign is part of a larger effort to consult with the community about the kinds of creative arts activities they would like to see developed through the Creative People and Places programme.  Anyone living or working in Sedgemoor is invited to join the conversation where you can complete an online survey which is also available at



Micro-commission for Artists and facilitators 

Expressions of Interest for Creative Arts Micro-commission during C19 lockdown

We are seeking expressions of interest from artists and arts facilitators to develop and deliver activities or small collaborative artworks which will engage, support and creatively connect people in Sedgemoor during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Seed is interested in commissioning artists to develop and deliver activities that can help to address this. We are calling for expressions of interest via a two-stage process. Stage one is to provide a 1-2 page outline of your idea. The most promising ideas will be commissioned to undertake a research and development (R&D) stage. We will provide £400 as a fee for these ideas to be developed into a full proposal which will be due one week later. The best Stage 2 proposals will be funded for delivery.  Depending on the number and scope of each proposal a further figure between £600 and £1500 might be available for each commission.

You can find out more here



Bridgwater Together Digital Event

Bridgwater Together is an important annual event celebrating the Somerset town’s vibrant cultural diversity through music, food, story-telling, dance, film and information sharing. Every year it takes place in October but due to Covid-19 lockdown we decided to organise additional digital event in April.

The Internet provides us with unique opportunities to continue our work despite the threat of the pandemic making it possible for us to showcase some of the rich cultural diversity in Somerset.

On 18th April 2020 between 6pm and 8pm audiences will be able to log in online to enjoy presentations and performances from the representatives of minority communities living in Bridgwater. We will host the event using the video conferencing platform Zoom.

So, if you would like to take part in this amazing live event, you need to click the link below and be with us on Saturday 18th April 2020 at 6pm (make sure that you have Zoom on your device –

Click here to join us:

If you would like to find out more or you struggle to download the software, please contact Michal on



Seed is sown with launch of arts campaign

Wednesday 18 March 2020: The very first Arts Council England funding for a Creative People and Places project for the South West was awarded to a consortium in Sedgemoor late last year. Thanks to the £1,101,374 funding towards the first four years of this exciting project, it is now up and running, under the name Seed

Scott O’Hara, a highly experienced arts and cultural worker hailing from Australia has been appointed to the role of Director. “Seed is all about encouraging the growth of new creative opportunities that are unique to Sedgemoor” he said at the Engine Room in Bridgwater today. 

“We believe that arts, culture and creativity are not elite activities, but should be an ordinary part of everyday life. We are very pleased to be launching Seed today with the start of our campaign to promote that idea, Lady Macbeth’s Guide to Handwashing in the age of Coronavirus”. 

The poster is available as a download from the Seed website:

The current wave of shutdowns, social distancing and self-isolation have required the suspension of Seed’s first two planned activities – skills development training for artists and artworkers who would like to engage with the project, and a series of free popup events at locations around Sedgemoor. 

Claire Tough, from consortium lead organisation Homes in Sedgemoor said “We need the community and local artists to help us determine what Seed can grow to become. We would love everyone in Sedgemoor to tell us kind of events and activities they would like us to create in partnership with them”

Anyone living or working in Sedgemoor is invited to complete an online survey (available at or join the conversation on the facebook page or twitterfeed ‘seedsedgemoor’ or contact them directly                                                                                                  

Artists and artworkers interested in being involved are also invited to advise Seed of their skills by completing a survey (available at