Joyful Noises

What do you think about the Thursday night noise making? Fun? Rude? Bizarre? Whatever your thoughts, we’d love to hear them!

Joyful Noises has been documenting the Thursday night ‘clap for carers’ celebrations and will create a wonderfully noisy time capsule from this unique period of time.
Were you on your doorstep making some noise and applauding our carers and key workers? did your neighbours? If you work in the NHS or are a key worker how did the Thursday ‘Clap for Carers’ make you feel?
If you had recently been spending your Thursday nights enthusiastically bashing saucepans, honking horns or cheering in a rawcus yet friendly manner, then Joyful Nosies want to hear from you!
Regardless of what technology you have access too, we’d love for you to get involved by sending us little snippets of the noise’s that were made. Be this in the form of video, photography, audio or written accounts. 
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