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We are delighted to announce Seed Sedgemoor Creative People and Places, a brand-new £1.1 million Arts Council England investment in the creative arts and culture of Sedgemoor. This programme is a new addition to a growing network of Creative People and Places in England http://www.creativepeopleplaces.org.uk/ and is the first in the south west.

In August 2019, Arts Council England announced an investment of National Lottery funding to create arts and cultural experiences in areas across England where people tend to engage less with arts and culture. Homes in Sedgemoor have been awarded over £1 million, meaning Sedgemoor will be the first area to receive Creative People and Places funding in the South West.

Homes in Sedgemoor will lead a consortium of local organisations (Bridgwater Senior Citizens Forum, Bridgwater Town Council, Community Council for Somerset and Somerset Film) who will use this funding to realise a ten-year plus vision of building on local art and culture with the people of Sedgemoor.  This is all about allowing more people to choose, create and take part in arts and cultural activity, and thus creates an exciting opportunity within Sedgemoor’s towns and parishes.

Our Mission

Seed Sedgemoor has been created by a consortium of five local organisations led by Homes in Sedgemoor.  With Arts Council’s commitment in place for the first four years, our ten-year vision is to ensure that everyone living and working in Sedgemoor has a chance to experience more creative arts and culture. We know that within our communities there is a wealth of knowledge, skills and creativity, some of which remains hidden or undervalued. We want to tap into this rich resource and especially want to meet and work with people who might not otherwise have had the chance to explore their creative ideas and passions. As the programme grows, we want to encourage and enable more and different people to take a lead in commissioning creative activities for the future. 

Whether you are into hip hop or knit and natter, carnival or computer games,  circus arts or book clubs, dancing or body art, church choirs or wassail, whatever your passion, seed Sedgemoor CPP programme is for you! 




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Seed is a Consortium of Community Organisations in Sedgemoor comprising: Bridgwater Senior Citizens Forum, Bridgwater Town Council, Community Council for Somerset Homes in Sedgemoor, Somerset Film.

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