Seed Illustration

We offered the oppportunity for a local artist to create an illustration for Seed.

The artwork was to illustrate the agricultural activities of ‘Ploughing, Sowing, Growing and Harvesting’ in a way that indicates a progression or regenerative cycle. The work would also illustrate an additional component of uncultivated land or wildlife or even ‘the hares corner’ (see : that could be used to illustrate the idea that Seed ‘Values the Margins’. This was essential as we wish to use this metaphor to illustrate our delivery model which is described as follows:

All of the activities undertaken by Seed contribute to the overall purpose of growing new opportunities for people living or working in Sedgemoor to participate, create and celebrate through creative arts, culture and heritage activities. Our methodology comprises four overlapping business development stages: Plough, Sow, Grow, Yield.

You can read the full expression of interest here